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Noble Late Harvest – Case of 6

Noble Late Harvest – Case of 6

Noble Late Harvest – Case of 6

Noble Late Harvest – Case of 6



Tasting Notes:

Liquid gold in the glass with a noticeable viscosity. Crushed pineapple, hints of lychees, sundried nectarines and beautiful spice vie for attention on the nose. A multi layered dessert wine with underlying notes of Turkish delight. Full and complex on the palate. The wine excited the senses with sweetness and acidity in harmony and bountiful fruit to back the wine. The wine surprises with an almost dry, but persisting finish.

While guaranteeing instant gratification, the wine will reward with extended cellaring for up to 10 years.

Suggested Food Pairing:

This wine can be paired beautifully with pear and almond tart, blue cheese and green fig iced parfait, or simply with your feet in the air after a fabulous dinner!


Winemaking Practice:

Dedicated vineyard management coincided with the fortuitous development of Botrytis Cinerea which results in a high natural sugar and concentrated natural acid levels.  Botrytis Cinerea (noble rot) is a fungus that attacks grapes under certain conditions of temperature and humidity.  Botrytis growth extracts moisture from the grapes, causing the concentration of sugar, acid, and most importantly, flavours.  The grapes were lightly crushed and left for 72 hours on the skins. The skins were then pressed and the juice allowed to settle on the lees for 2 days at 4°C.  The juice was then decanted into new 225l barrels to undergo fermentation.  The wine matured for 16 months before a very light fining, filtration and bottling.

16 months in 100% new wood. French oak (73%), Hungarian oak (14%) and American oak (13%)


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