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One of the USA's Largest Universities Chooses Premium SA Wines for Wine Education
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Students in the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida were introduced to premium SA wines in lectures, which USA importer and wholesale distributor Sovereign Selection was chosen to give.

2013 Kanu KCB and 2010 Kia-Ora from Kanu Wines; 2012 Pinotage Reserve from Clos Malverne Estate; 2012 Syrah from Boschkloof Wines; 2009 Chevel D’Or Warlord from Cavalli Wine and Stud Farm; and 2010 Minelli Pinot Noir from Avontuur Estate were presented to students as top examples of wines produced by South Africa. It was the first time these wines have been included in wine courses at UCF’s Rosen College.

UCF is the second-largest university in the United States with over 59,000 students. Its Rosen College of Hospitality Management is considered a leader in innovative hospitality education, including courses in beer, wine, and spirits management, with close proximity to Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. Many of these students are already established in hospitality and tourism companies, as well as fine dining restaurants. The college is known for the education of the future leaders in the hospitality industry; many of its students will go on in their careers to influence the wine selections of their companies. Two classes were introduced to South African wines in courses about wines from the southern hemisphere and wine history and culture. Over hundred students tasted these six wines during a guest lecture given by Monica Sadie and Janelle Davis of Sovereign Selection. Students not only tasted the wines, they also learned about the South African winemakers, the wines’ production, and about South Africa as a wine producing country.

Responses from the students and their professors, Dr. Frank Juge and Dr. David Black, were very favorable. They noted how the Clos Malverne Pinotage Reserve is a testament to the revival of Pinotage in America, noting how basket pressing created a superior tasting experience. Many commented the Kanu Kia-Ora was the best dessert wine they had ever tasted. Dr. Juge, one of the co-founders of Rosen College and an Advanced Level Sommelier, commented that the Boschkloof Syrah was one of the finest he has tasted. Students were astonished with the integration of grapes in the Cavalli Cheval D’Or Warlord blend, marveling at the combination of seven grape varieties. When compared to a New Zealand Pinot Noir, the Minelli Pinot Noir by Avontuur was a clear favorite for its smoothness and less acidic taste. The wines were so well-received that many students stayed after the classes to ask additional questions about them and about South Africa. 

Sovereign Selection has already been invited to return and guest lecture to future classes as early as this summer. They are honored at this opportunity to present South African wines to the next generation of hotel, restaurant, and hospitality leaders.

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