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Kanu Newsletter: November 2014 - Spandex and white wine
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Isn’t spring just the best time of the year?! Sunny days, filled with family,friends, braai’s and cold wine. Cold days are spent planning the activities for the next warm spell. Floral aromas welcome you, while the green oaks in Victoria Street bring back happy memories to those who have been to Stellenbosch. Remembering days of youth and special holidays in our beautiful town.

One normally associate Spring with crisp salads and fruit forward wines, packed beaches and a endless que for a Gelato Ice Cream. “Fresh is best” becomes our anthem, as we stop eating comfort food to lose that extra weight before the notorious bikini is bought. Cycling regain its appeal as every other person seems to be riding some sort of a two wheeled paddle-pusher, be it on a off-road bike with a string of smiling kids in tow, or in packs. All wearing serious “I-am-training-for-the-Augus” faces to match their brightly coloured Spandex. I have a shockingly yellow number myself. Absolutely loving it!

Even the farm seemed to be wearing its bright colours proudly. Loads of flowers are in bloom and the Kanu rose garden is in its prime. Reds, yellows and pinks are ordained by the milk whites. Vines all start to look like a hedge-cutter have been through them, as they are the epiphany of perfection. Contrasts of new, fresh bright green leaves marks the beginning of new growth. Local shopping malls decorated in the “national” colours of Christmas brings an excitement of festivities to come. Make sure that you stock up with enough Kanu Wines to see you through the festive season!

Talking of which, the apparent countdown to the festive season has definitely been felt in the surge of wine sales. Bottling and labelling is the action of the day! A fresh batch of Giselle Method Cap Classic has just been degorged and labelled, while the new vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon (2013) is being bottled and labelled this week. Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Natural Sweet Shiraz will follow suite. Whatever your preference, we will have it ready for you!

With Kanu’s offer to deliver all cases of 12 free of charge to any address in South Africa, I urge you to make use of this service. 12 bottles of Kanu wines starting at R528 delivered right to your door. If your son in law makes you drink a beer when visiting, make sure you send him some wine in advance. Few clicks and you have your own selection of wines. Why spend your beach time driving anyway? I mean SERIOUSLY!

I hope all of you enjoy this exciting time called Spring. Get outside. Get a tan. Get active. Braai and drink wine. Re-introduce your bare feet to grass. And most of all - Have fun!

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