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Kanu Newsletter: September 2014 - Spring+Kanu Sauvignon Blanc = Happy Days
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As I sit on the stoep overlooking the Jongensfontein bay, dolphins and whales are playing in the ocean while my new born lies on my lap, I reflect on how fast time goes by and how good life is when you stop to notice. Spring has definitely come early. Last year September we still had snow on the Stellenbosch Mountains.

This year during August we had such beautiful days that Camps Bay beach was packed with people bathing in the sun.

First of all, I have to apologize for missing the last few newsletters. But Jongensfontein has given me the opportunity to refresh, sleep in, sit in the sun and walk barefoot on the beach. (Have my feet really gone that soft over the winter that the white sands actually hurt?!) It was in a moment on the stoep that I also rediscovered my love for pickled fish on buttered bread and also made a new discovery. The pickled fish pairs amazingly well with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Kanu Sauvignon Blanc to be specific. Which is why I added a recipe at the bottom of this newsletter. Take the time to make and preserve, only to share and enjoy later. Totally worth it!

Life on the farm is in abundance at the moment with the arrival of spring. Yellow flowers decorate our world. The family of owls that moved in over the summer are still proudly calling themselves local residents. Snakes have also been enjoying the new sunny days. We spotted a Cape Cobra, luckily just a little juvenile. We recently started doing snake training with the vineyard workers in order to handle snakes when they come across them.

In the cellar Johan is preparing the new Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 for bottling after the success of the 2012 vintage that sold out in a flash. Our latest vintage of the KCB (Kanu Chenin Blanc) will be labelled and presented to the market soon. Both these wines will wear the new Kanu label, which is something to keep an eye out for. Similar to the current white label, but with a more elegant and simplistic feel. Going “back to basics” is always so refreshing!

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