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Kanu Newsletter: June 2014 - Red wine and rainy days
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I am one of those fortunate people to live in the Western Cape where we not only have rain, grey skies and icy wind during winter but also have the most beautiful sunny days. Some time ago I had the privilege to live in Dubai where 52°C in the summer and 28°C in the winter is the norm. My time there made me appreciate so many things about South Afr

Winter and nature being on the top of my list!

Since my time in Dubai I have made a point to hike in the rain, which sounds dreadful until you have actually done it. In one of our previous Newsletters I told you about the hike between Greyton and McGregor. Not far from the farm we have the beautiful Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. One can walk up to the Waterfalls on a sunny day (which can quite easily become a rainy day) and enjoy the beauty of nature. On your return, have a hot shower, light a fire, cook a hearty meal and open a bottle of Kanu Keystone. I am sure this is as close as one can get to inner peace and total fulfilment.

But if you know of any other good hikes, do let me know. I am always open to new suggestions! My bucket list for the winter is yet to be written...

While it seems that everything is slowing down during winter, activities in the cellar continue at its own pace. The last of the red wines are finishing malolactic fermentation and the white wines in the tanks are on the lees. Johan Grimbeek, our Winemaker calls it “enjoying bonding time with their mothers”. In the vineyards we are going through a program where we assess the vines. Those vines/blocks that have not produced the quality that we expected over the last three years are being uprooted to make space for new plantings. Due to the warmer climate that we experience in Stellenbosch it is now a time to reconsider our traditional way of thinking and look at variaties more accustomed to warmer climate, like Assyrtico from Santorini(citrus notes), Carricante from the slopes of Mount Etna (high natural acidity) and Vermentino, native to Sardinia( refreshing acidity and floral notes)

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