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Kanu Newsletter: May 2014 - Food, Wine and free delivery
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Sometimes, all it takes is to get away for a few days to realise how much you love the place you call home. I miss my bed, my doggies, the autumn leaves which is so prominent this time of the year in the Boland and the beautiful mountains in our valley.

Not that a week away from the ordinary has not done me really good! A week in Kwazulu Natal has been blissful and refreshing. I love the warm temperature of the sea water and to my mind the best tasting avocado’s and pineapples in the world comes from this area. The avo’s are the size of small basketballs and have the creamiest, richest pulp you have ever tasted. They are sold for next to nothing on the side of the road. I mean… YUM! So after a week of experimenting with avo’s (among many other things), I have to say that I may just end up arriving home a more voluptuous version of my previous self. Because I ate. A lot. Of everything…

The reality about this part of South Africa and many other areas such as the Eastern Cape, is that due to new liquor laws the future of buying decent wines in a Supermarket will become more and more difficult. If you are a lover of fine wines and craft beers now is the time to change your way of shopping and have them delivered to your doorstep. Kanu has decided to offer wines delivered to your front door when ordered from the farm. Delivery on orders of 12 bottles are free of charge within 2 – 4 working days, whether it be a mixed or single variety case. We can supply you with the varieties you prefer with no fuss and without straining your back and wasting your valuable time looking for quality wines. No mess. No stress.

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