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Kanu has Tea and Cake upon British Warship, HMS Argyll
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On Friday the 10th May HMS Argyll, a Type 23 Frigate from the Royal Navy docked at the SA Navy Dockyard in Simonstown, for a scheduled two weeks repair and maintenance session.  During this time the officers and crew of the vessel were entitled to a bit of shore leave.  Kanu’s Logistics Manager, Andrew Imrie was approached at a recent cocktail party on board HMS Argyll by the ships Executive Officer (Second in Command) Lieutenant-Commander Euan Stuart (a keen wine enthusiast regarding a possible visit to Kanu during his brief stay in Stellenbosch).

On Tuesday 14th May Euan Stuart was met at Kanu by Andrew, whereby they proceeded to start the visit with a detailed vineyard and cellar tour followed by a tasting of some of Kanu’s Premium Wines.  Euan, who is an avid Shiraz fan professed that the Kanu Shiraz is the best Shiraz that he has ever tasted. He decided to end his search for better wines right there and then.  After purchasing a few cases of Kanu Wines he then headed back to continue his duties on board their ship, preparing the vessel for departure later the following week.

As Euan and Andrew had remained in contact over this brief period; Euan extended an invitation to have tea on board HMS Argyll just prior to her departure the day before the vessel’s departure to the UK, Kanu MD Ben Truter received the invitation and duly accepted.  It was decided to present the Officers Mess a Magnum of Kanu Shiraz 2007.   As we arrived on board the vessel, everything was abuzz and sailors were moving hastily too-and-fro with final preparations for the ship’s sailing.  We were ushered down into the Officers Mess for tea and cake. Honored by the privilege, Ben and Andrew handed over an awesome Magnum of Kanu Shiraz 2007 in its wooden box to Lieutenant-Commander Euan Stuart on behalf of the Officer of HMS Argyll.

The ship’s Captain Tim Neild then proceeded to thank Kanu and to inform us that they would open the Magnum of Kanu Shiraz at the Royal Navy’s Trafalgar Day Formal Dinner in October, and presented Ben with the traditional ships crest, as a token of their esteem.  The HMS Argyll has this current deployment served in the Persian Gulf, done anti-piracy operations up the East Coast of Africa and did a stopover in Simonstown, before she deploys to the Falkland and South Georgia Islands in the South Atlantic on her returning to her home-port of Plymouth in October.  Kanu would like to wish the entire Ships Company “fine winds and fair sailing” for the rest of her voyage.

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